Plus sizing
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One of the best ways to enhance your vehicle’s look and handling is to install larger wheels and lower profile tires. This process is called “Plus Sizing”.

Plus Sizing works by increasing the diameter of the wheels (+1”, +2”, etc.) and combining them with shorter, wider and higher performance-oriented tires.

The advantage of Plus Sizing is that it puts more rubber in contact with the road, improving the vehicle’s stability, responsiveness, handling, braking, and appearance. Since the overall diameter of the tire doesn’t change, the gearing and speedometer accuracy remain the same. However, changing the Plus Size will result in a firmer ride due to a shorter and stiffer tire sidewall. This requires increased vigilance when driving on rougher road surfaces as there is less cushioning to absorb impacts from potholes and other road hazards. This becomes even more pronounced as the wheels get larger and the tires get shorter, so it’s wise to consider how the vehicle is being used when making the decision on how much to Plus Size. Be sure to discuss this in detail with your wheel specialist when determining what size will deliver the perfect balance of look, performance, and ride quality that’s right for you.